18 March 2023

Thrilling route for the Adamello Ski Raid

Significant news for the eighth edition of the Adamello Ski Raid, scheduled for Saturday, March 25th, comes from the Organizing Committee regarding the race route and registrations. Following the latest inspections, thanks to the snow that has fallen at higher altitudes in recent days, race director Guido Salvetti and course director Mario Sterli have decided to propose almost the entire original route of the skialp classic, which this year is valid as the Long Distance Team World Championship and as a race of the international circuit La Grande Course.
The new course is 39 km long with a total of 3,360 meters of positive elevation gain and 3,660 meters of negative elevation gain. The start will be in the same location as in previous editions in Tonalina, and there are also passages at Passo Paradiso and Passo Presena, at the Mandrone refuge, the enchanting ascent towards Punta Venerocolo at 3,323 meters, which is the highest point of the race, and also passages at Passo Lobbia, the suggestive Cresta Croce with the Great War cannon, Passo dei Tre Denti, the Pisganino glacier, and the final descent towards the center of Ponte di Legno. The passage on the Presena glacier offers the possibility to watch all the athletes' passages at higher altitude, with an early opening of the cable car for the public to cheer them on.
Therefore, another high-level edition of the Adamello Ski Raid is announced, in the traditional pairs format, where a total prize pool of 30,800 euros stands out, with identical awards for male and female categories. Among the novelties is also the award ceremony for the master categories, which have always represented the soul of the ski mountaineering movement in Italy and throughout Europe.
The terms for reduced-rate registrations have also changed, which will expire at 12:00 pm on Thursday, March 23rd. All the details are available on the official website
Given its international validity, the Organizing Committee, thanks to the availability of the Pontedilegno Tonale consortium and the territorial administrations, has organized for the evening of Friday, March 24th, the parade of all participating teams, with the flag of their own country and an official moment with all the institutions.

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