Get your Grande Course Card

Card Grande Course
Senior athletes aged 21 and over.
If you have bought this card in the past and you wish to participate in the great classic races (Pierra Menta, Adamello Skiraid, Mezzalama Trophy, Altitoy Millet, Tour du Rutor, Patrouille des Glaciers) you shall proceed with the renewal at a cost of € 30.00.
If you wish to take part to the new affiliated races, you don't need to renew the card. You'll just have to communicate your card number at the time of registration.

Card Grande Course Jeunes
Young athletes under 21.
Free card

Card Grande Course Affiliées
In you have never purchased the card in previous years and you intend to register for affiliated races (La Grande Trace, La Belle Etoile, Cima d'Asta, Transcavallo, La Maya, Intégrale du Rogneux) you can get this card free of charge.
By participating and finishing an affiliated race you will get some points to access the official races.
"Affiliées" cardholders wishing to register for one or more official competitions shall pay the fee of € 30.00

Technical Sponsor
 International Ski Mountaineering Federation

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