9 March 2016

Pierra Menta Day One

A day dominated by Jornet – Jacquemoud & Roux - Mollaret. On the opening day of its 31st edition this Pierra Menta proved to be a real ‘Grande’ Course, with a truly spectacular stage. Over 2500 m of elevation gain, a clear blue sky and powdery snow all added up to giving us a great day of sport. The only fly in the ointment was represented by the loss of the 2014-15 winners: sadly, Damiano Lenzi and Matteo Eydallin were forced to withdraw from the race.
Debilitated by a severe bout of bronchitis, the champion from the Val d’Ossola In fact, decided there was no point in suffering for four days, only to finish some way down the field.  Apart from this upset, the race did not reserve any further drama. Kilian Jornet and Mathéo Jacquemoud won in 2h35’34”, 3’38” ahead of the French pair William Bon Mardion – Xavier Gachet. Third place went to Boscacci e Antonioli with 5’07” and behind them came Sevennec - Blanc and Viret – Favre.  

In the women’s competition, as expected, the race was really only for second place, with Laetitia Roux - Axelle Mollaret coming first in 3h18’14”. Second place went to Mireia Mirò Varela - Claudia Galcia Cotrina with a gap of 12’11” while the Italian duo Katia Tomatis - Martina Valmassoi finished third with a gap of 17’17”.   

Just time now for a few hours’ rest and tomorrow we’re off again with more miles to run and more peaks to climb. Stay Tuned

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