4 March 2015

It's time for Pierra. 30 years old already!

March 11-14 2015, after the world championship and several legs of the World Cup, it's time for Pierra Menta - time for the Grande Course! 30 years of history, 30 years of the legend. But what is it that makes this competition the “Tour de France” of Alpine skiing? The figures, first of all: an elevation difference of about 10,000 metres, divided into four exhausting legs, with some sections over 2600 metres above sea level, about 200 teams at the starting line and thousands of spectators who come from far and wide to cheer on the heroic athletes who would do anything to be on the starting line at this classic race.  Amateurs whose goal is simply to make it to the finish line rub shoulders with top-ranking champions who aim to go down in the history of Alpine skiing on the starting line. Only the greatest names go down in the annals of this elite competition. Every competing athlete, driven by his or her own ambitions, must draw on every bit of energy available to reach the finish line at Arêches.  The route will be just as challenging, spectacular and highly technical as ever, with an average difference in level of 2500 metres per day, to be achieved in only a few hours. Steep climbs, mountain peaks, dizzying couloirs, steep and difficult descents. All with countless changes of rhythm... This is Pierra. A truly incredible event. More information and detailed event programme at:

Eydallin - Lenci
Eydallin - Lenci

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