19 April 2018

Giorgia Felicetti & Artur Blanc win La Grande Course Jeunes. Aliénor Aybram – Tobias Donnet finish first amongst cadets

Awaiting the season grand finale with the super 53km marathon (4000m D+) which, starting from the centre of Zermatt, will take about 1700 athletes to the finish line in Verbier, today Patrouille des Glaciers gives space to new generation.
In true PdG style, more than 300 youngsters donned their boots and latched on their skis to animate a great morning for sports. Some in racing gear with ultra-light material, others more stoic with touring gear left at 8:30 AM with a smile on their faces and intent on having fun. Various runs await them, the longest dedicated to juniors includes a 1000m ascent spread over three different climbs. The second includes a part on foot packing skis in backpacks to make the race even more exciting.  
The results:
Malaurie Mattana and Giorgio Felicetti dominated over Melanie Ploner – David Clémence and Caroline Ulrich –Valentine Gallaz in the junior race.  For the men, Kilian Granger and Maxime Tromebet enforced the survival of the fittest. Esteban Ciferman – Bastien Flammier and André Baravex – Davide Cosolvich also took their places on the podium.  
For cadets, Robin Bussard – Thomas Bussard outranked Julien Jaquet – Louis Bétrisey and Léo Besson – Tobias Donnet. For women, Lucie Degrada and Romaine Masserey lead the pack. Following close behind were Marie Farquet – Perrine Maret and Caroline Corthay – Emma Meilland

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