15 April 2018

At Verbier, everything’s ready for the grand finale

No manoeuvring, no pre-race tactics:  it’s time to pull out all the stops in the attempt to win the most sought-after of all skimo trophies, that of the great classic races. The top teams are training at altitude to find their last reserves of energy, get focussed and finish the season on a high. From Thursday 19 (junior competition) to Saturday 21 (senior competition), it promises to be a real emotional roller coaster. According to the current rankings, the top spots in the 2017/2018 ranking are being monopolised by the Italians, with Michele Boscacci firmly in the lead with 1116 points. In second and third place are the other athletes from the Italian Alpine corps, Matteo Eydallin (947) and Nadir Maguet (863). They are followed by Filippo Beccari and Damiano Lenzi.    

In the women’s race, French ski-mountaineer Axelle Mollaret is head and shoulders above the rest of the field, with a total of 1142 points. Then, also in the running for a place on the podium, we have Jennifer Fiechter (970) from Switzerland and the Italian athlete Katia Tomatis (942).  Laetitia Roux (770) from France and Alba De Silvestro (742) from Italy are also in the top five.

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