21 March 2021

Transcavallo: the world's champions are the main characters

The long distance world champion Michele Boscacci and the individual one Matteo Eydallin confirm to be specialists in the classical races and win Transcavallo for the umpteenth time. On the women category Corinna Ghirardi and Bianca Balzarini, belonging to Adamello Ski Team, sign the Hall of Fame of Transcavallo. A prestigious victory for these 4 athletes in a competition named 7.0 in order to point out the course which reached 7 peaks with a total difference in height of 7.000 m. (3.500 uphill) for a total lenght of 32 km.

The course for Transcavallo, affiliated race to La Grande Course, has been designed on the boundary mountains between Veneto and Friuli and it offered to the participating athletes the real essence of ski mountaineering: passion, wild mountains, aerial ridges, steep couloirs and spectacular downhills.

Immediately after the start at Malga Cate (Chies d'Alpago) Matteo Eydallin and Michele Boscacci took the lead of the race and climbing up to Monte Guslon they clearly state their intentions. All along the race the Italian couple kept the first place with an almost embarassing forcing. They closed their race with an amazing final time of 3h36'51''. At the second place the couple William Boffelli and Jakob Hermann and for the third place Julien Michelon and Yoann Sert.

On the women side the victory went to the athletes belonging to Adamello Ski Team Bianca Balzarini and Corinna Ghirardi with the final time of 4h51'58''. At the second place the “local” racers Cecilia De Filippo and Martina De Silvestro while the third place went to Federica Osler and Dimitra Theocharis.

By respecting all the safety regulations and the strict anti Covid rules, the Organizing Committee really wanted to design a course in order to put a strain on the athletes' strength, technique and fatigue resistance. Val Salatis, Monte Guslon, Monte Cornor, Monte are the main characters of this old-time race. A true and spectacular classic race which passionated both professional racers and amateurs.

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