11 February 2021

LA GRANDE COURSEáThe ski alp tour has been postponed one year but LGC card remains operative

Safety comes first. How many times did we hear about this? Never as in this case the definition fits perfectly! Stopping while desiring a great restart is not so easy, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Considering the cancellation of Mezzalama Trophy and the fact that Pierra Menta is reserved only to the national athletes in the race that on Friday the 12th March will award the first ISMF-LGC Long Distance world title per teams, the organizing committee decided unanimously that the new ski alp tour will start in 2022 with Altitoy Ternua and will finish in 2023 with Mezzalama Trophy.

For the ones that have already bought the card this year, no will be valid for the next three years.

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