11 February 2021

Affiliated races, LGC....other not-to-be-missed events

Did you hear about affiliated races to La Grande Course?It's a group of selected races for their high level of organization and technical nature of the courses aimed at increasing mountaineering training of racers in order to ensure them the necessary technical skills to compete in the great classic races. As Adamello Ski Raid, these races will grant a kind of wild card to the finishers to be used as direct access to the registrations to the great classic ski mountaineering competitions. We suggest you the following scheduled affiliated races in 2021:

- La Grande Trace, Le Dévoluy (F), scheduled on the 13th and 14th February.
- Transcavallo, Alpago – Piancavallo (I) scheduled on the 20th March.
- La Belle Etoile,  Les 7 Laux – Isère (F) scheduled on the 27th and 28th March.

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