Bringing down the curtain on the 2017 season, we had a Mezzalama Trophy full of dramatic twists and turns, in both the men’s and women’s races.  After much drama with lots of overtaking, in the end victory went to the team representing the Italian Alpine corps, Michele Boscacci – Matteo Eydallin – Damiano Lenzi, and in the women’s race to the team made up of French athlete Laetitia Roux, Emelie Forsberg from Sweden and Jennifer Fiechter from Switzerland.  
At dawn, the 297 three-man teams set off from the centre of Cervinia, accompanied by fireworks and the military brass band (“fanfara”) of the Val d’Ossola Bersaglieri. Awaiting them were 37km and over 3000m of elevation gain, with some stretches at altitudes of over 4000m on the legendary peaks of Mt. Castor and the Naso del Lyskamn. To live up to its name the glacier marathon has to be hard-fought, and hard-fought it was – for the joy of the thousands of spectators who got up in the middle of the night to follow this epic race, and for all the fans who followed it in live streaming from the comfort of their homes.
Trying to upset the apple cart were Kilian Jornet, Werner Marti and Martin Anthamatten. The Italian army athletes Damiano Lenzi, Michele Boscacci and Matteo Eydallin had to struggle much harder than they expected before they managed to pass them on the last downhill, crossing the finish line in 4h18’50”, with a 2’18” lead over the Swiss-Catalan team.   This is the fourth Mezzalama won by Eydallin, the third by Lenzi and the second by the younger athlete Boscacci.
Taking a third place that was never under threat were William Boffelli, Pietro Lanfranchi and Jakob Herrmann, who finished 12’33” behind the leaders. Fourth were Nadir Maguet, Manfred Reichegger and Robert Antonioli, fifth Valentin Favre, Filippo Barazzuol and Alexis Sévennec.
A bitter-sweet end to the race for the women’s team made up of Katia Tomatis, Alba De Silvestro and Axelle Mollaret who were out in front right up to the last downhill rush towards Gressoney before being passed by Jennifer Fiechter, Emelie Forsberg and Laetitia Roux. The winners of the 2017 trophy crossed the finish line with a time of 5h37’49”, a mere 2’12” ahead of the two Italians and the French athlete Mollaret. In third place were the sisters Annie – Katrine Bieler and their team member from Friuli Dimitra Teocharis.