Over the course of its 31 editions, the Pierra Menta has become ‘the’ ski-mountaineering competition par excellence - an unmissable event for the élite of this discipline. Every year more than 200 teams of 2 skiers compete in this thrilling and extremely gruelling race consisting of four stages in four days.

Participants, who come from all over the world, will have to show both mental and physical strength in order to tackle this tough race: a high-altitude marathon that requires stamina on the climbs and technical prowess on the downhills. The Pierra Menta in fact involves between 3 and 6 hours of racing per day and over 10,000 metres of elevation gain to be climbed over the 4 days of the event, together with around fifteen cols, vertiginous arêtes, steep couloirs and perilous slopes…!  

Hot on the heels of their elders, young contestants between 15 and 20 have the honour of competing against each other in the “Pierra Menta Jeunes”, a specifically designed course first introduced 21 years ago. Thanks to which, 200 young athletes are able to take part in this superb human undertaking and show that they are capable of going beyond their own limits in order to reach the finish line. Many of those who participated in this race later went on to take their place on the podium of the legendary Pierra Menta.

A legend which is kept alive thanks also to the 4000 spectators at the top of the Grand Mont during Saturday’s eponymous stage and the frenzy of excitement and applause which accompanies the athletes along the traverse.

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