The Millet Tour du Rutor Extrême which in 2018 will reach its 19th edition, is to all effects and purposes the successor to the old Rutor Trophy, a high-altitude ski competition raced in 1933. In the modern-day version, which is divided into three stages, over 800 athletes compete over a total distance of 75 km. with around 7,000 metres of elevation gain, 25 equipment changes, 40km uphill, 32km of free-riding, 5km of crests and gullies. More than 200 volunteers from Arvier and Valgrisenche (AO) will be at the finish line to give the competitors a warm welcome.

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Tour du Rutor

TDR 01 Accredito
TDR 02 Accredito
TDR 03 Start
TDR 04 Giorno1
TDR 05 Giorno1
TDR 06 Giorno1
TDR 06 Giorno2
TDR 07 Giorno2
TDR 08 Giorno3
TDR 09 Volontari