History, tradition, passion, and a great desire to innovate. The circuit of the most beautiful and spectacular races of the Alpine arc and the Pyrenean backbone is ready to start again with a 4th edition full of novelties: a new look, more dynamic and sporty, but deeply rooted in the deeper values of ski mountaineering. Also new in 2019 is the LGC World Championship prize that will be awarded in a specific competition every year, as well as the introduction of scores for races and competitors in order to allow athletes to participate in LGC, thanks to a "curriculum" gained in the best ski mountaineering races.

Great champions, the ski alp people, maximum attention to the needs of competitors, high mountains, aerial ridges, true freeride descents, enhancement of the territory, breath-taking images, and timely communication on social media and traditional channels are the strengths which LGC will continue to target, focusing attention on new important projects.

The New Logo
A new image that graphically embodies the deep bond that unites the six competitions. A logo, decidedly modern and captivating, which symbolizes the unity of purpose that underlies this prestigious circuit; to convey the founding values of ski mountaineering, relaunching them in a modern form and in touch with the times.
Alongside the new image there is also a whole new portal, smarter, updated, and closely linked with the circuit’s social media, for immediate and timely communication.

Scores for races and athletes to further increase the movement
To keep up with the times and give everyone the same chance to race and win the LGC, the La Grande Course circuit has decided to turn the page, introducing scores for competitions and athletes; a quantum shift that will lead the ski mountaineering movement towards new horizons. Being aware that a discipline only grows if the races that represent it advance step by step, the competitions that will join the new LGC circuit to give scores to their members will be evaluated and classified according to the technical parameters they convey (duration, gradients, safety, etc.). This score will define a ranking, a sort of athletic curriculum that will allow athletes to access the stages of La Grande Course "by right". At a time when the canonical circuits cannot guarantee the right visibility and the due appeal to the events that deserve it, this project will define new parameters and guarantee new blood and new stimuli for all the emerging competitions and, in general, for the whole ski mountaineering movement.

LGC World Championship, a challenge in the challenge
If completing a single stage of La Grande Course is in itself a source of pride and satisfaction, becoming the strongest rally in the world over long distance is the new challenge of this 4th edition. Ski mountaineering has always been a team sport which rewards individual performance, but also the team's harmony. With this in mind, the title of long-distance world champion of LGC will be awarded every year. A recognition of the highest value, a success that helps develop a curriculum, a victory to be told to grandchildren. The first LGC World Championship will be awarded on April 27th at the Mezzalama Trophy, and year-on-year at one of the prestigious races.

The 2019 dates:
On 1st December the enrolments for the "Tour de France" of ski mountaineering will open. Attention, because the organisers of the legendary transalpine festival, scheduled from March 13th to 16th in Arêches Beaufort, have announced that half of the bibs will be reserved for foreign teams. An epic opening that will allow many to make a sporting dream come true as they pass on top of the Grand Mont.

On Sunday, April 7th another appointment with destiny: the Adamello Ski Raid. High mountains, a full stadium, Cresta Croce and the descent of the Presena await you.

The last stop of 2019 is a competition that is legendary: the Mezzalama Trophy. On April 27th the long ride from Cervinia to Gressoney through the Colle del Breithorn and Castore will declare the strongest team in the world. An event to live and remember.

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