As in 2015, the Mezzalama Trophy will once again be one of the stages in La Grande Course Jeunes, with a special course and a whole day dedicated to the coming generation of ski-mountaineers. A day in which the spotlight will be entirely on the champions of the future. The Mezzalama Jeunes will be a spectacular and technically demanding competition raced at an altitude of between 2,800 and 3,500 metres, starting from the Cime Bianche-Laghi and reaching a height of 3,480 metres at the Plateau Rosà. The course is entirely off-piste and involves various transitions and some difficult technical stretches, such as the Theodul Pass which has to be tackled on foot, with crampons on, and skis tied to the backpack. This way, youngsters in the Cadet and Junior categories can get their first taste of what makes the Mezzalama Trophy so special. Further info on: