27 February 2016

Altitoy Ternua day one

The Circuit of the Grande Course starts from the French Pyrenees under a heavy snowfall that forced the organizing committee to review the original route . the class to all  the categories were then going on a difficult route from 2000m while all young people have competed on a yearn which provided 1400m

In the end of a nice challenge first of the finish line are the blue Damiano-Matteo.The feminine as predicted,it has instead imposed the couple Letitia-Axelle.

For the first blue team the finished time is 2h1036".The second place for the Crazy team french-Hispanic composed by Matheo-Kilian 2h10'37"-.On the lowest step still Italy with Michele and Robert-2h10'55". three pairs close,very close that tomorrow will give the maximum to engraving their names in gold register of the first of the great continental classics.

As follows we find the french quarters William -Xavier,followed by the Austrians Jakob -Martin.Even the other teams as Marc-Oriol,Francois Cazzanelli-Stefano,Filippo-Roberto and Nill-Joan.2000m 5ascents a nervously race ,with few pieces by foot less covered with snow.The head teams still near until the end of the penultimate descent,where the pair transalpine has dropped a little and left ahead the other three teams for the fight of the podium.In the women competition are no surprises,as the prediction the duo Laetitia-Axelle have dominated  over Mireia-Marta.The third  the blue Katia-Martina.

As any competition of the circuit the Grande Course even the l'Altitoy Ternya went on stage with a shortened course 1400m destined to the juniors category.Between the juniors the success of the pair Inigo-Martinez on Florent-Bastien and Titouan-Marc.To the feminine the Italian Melanie -Giorgia have cut the finish line first before Maria-Erola and Carla-Chloe

Again Italy in test cadets with twins from Val d'Aosta Fabien and Sebastien who practically made the race on juniors. For their results in addition to the success of category,would see them second overall in the race  youth.The silver for Diego-Fermin and the third ate the pink competition,the success of the day for Carlotte-Lou.

Tomorrow everybody again in the field for the second and the last stage.Stay tuned!Have fun!!

Altitoy partenza
Altitoy primi uomini
Altitoy prime donne
Altitoy prima squadra cadetti

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