A spectacular skimo race over the Adamello Glaciers.
From the Passo Tonale to Ponte di Legno 4,200 metres of elevation gain, over a distance of 50 Km.
A thrilling route imbued with history that reaches its most spectacular point on the magnificent crest leading to the granite Cross, dedicated to Pope Wojtyla, and the First World War 149 G cannon at an altitude of 3,260 m. The highest point of the race is reached at the summit of the Adamello, at 3,539 m.
The race ends in the village of Ponte di Legno (1,254 m), the ideal setting in which to give the heroes of the Adamello Ski Raid an enthusiastic welcome.

Adamello Ski Raid 2/04/2017 (possible alternative date 9/04/2017)

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